Your Boutique Security Firm

Direct Protection delivers a range of premium security solutions tailored to suit individual businesses and industries. We are flexible and responsive to your specific needs and requirements.

All of our guards and security officers are certified above industry standards and are trained specifically for their assigned roles.

Direct Protection is committed to building a long-term partnership with you, in which we consistently deliver value by providing a superior level of service.

We serve and specialise in a diverse range of industries and market segments.  Our cross-industry experience enables us to understand a wide range of challenges and implement best practice solutions.  We are able to competently manage your risk regardless of the environment.

We are fully aware of the need to protect your company property, human resources and information.

We also recognise that your individual and unique needs are the ones that really matter.  At Direct Protection we take the time to understand your needs, your security objectives and your risks.  Only then will we recommend an action plan.

Owner Operated

Dan Ware, Managing Director of Direct Protection has more than 20 years experience in security operations including crowd control, major event security, close personal protection and cash in transit.

Dan oversees all operations and is the ultimate point of contact for all customers.

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